Solar Battery Charger, Solar+PoE Dual input, 56V PoE + 24V PoE + 24VDC triple output

Country of Origin:
  • Taiwan
Key Specifications/Special Features
  • Input requirements:
    • DC input types: solar panel, PoE or battery
    • DC voltage:
      • Solar panel: 33 to 40V
      • PoE: 36 to 57V
  • Output requirements:
    • Output voltage types:
      • Terminal: 24V/10A (maximum)
      • PoE: 56V/0.625A (maximum)
      • PoE: 24V/1.25A (maximum)
  • Battery charge types:
    • Solar panel or PoE
    • Battery types: 24V lead-acid battery
  • Charger current types:
    • Solar panel: depends on the wattage of solar panels
    • PoE: 2.0A (maximum)
  • Charger current models:
    • Solar panel: unsteady model
    • PoE: steady current model
    • PoE input power: 30W (minimum)
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • Dual input: Solar+PoE
  • Triple output: 56V PoE + 24V PoE + 24VDC
Main Export Markets
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