DC/DC USB Charger, 10-32V Input, 5.2V 18W Output, meet BC1.2

Key Specifications/Special Features
  • INPUT :
    • Input voltage: DC10V to DC32V Normal 12V/24V
  • OUTPUT : 
    • Output voltage and current: 5.2V
    • Max load: 3.5A
    • Power: 18W maximum
    • Minimum load: 0A
    • Load regular percentage: 5%
    • Line regular percentage: 1%
    • Ripple percentage: 2%
    • Noise percentage: 5%
    • Total power: 18W 
  • Efficiency: 80% min
  • Protection:
    • Short-circuit protected
    • Output Short GND Terminal will not damage the Power Supply and will Auto-Reset once short circuit removed. 
    • Short circuit protection was current limit type, the short circuit period don’t over 30 sec. 
    • Non-isolation circuit.
    • Input DC reverse protection.
    • Input have Fuse Protection.
    • Operation frequency is 500KHZ.
    • Over Current Protection : 6~8A
  • General description:
    • Operating temperature: -40 to 45 degree Celsius
    • Storage temperature: -40 to 85 degree Celsius
    • Operating humidity: 5 to 90%
    • Free air cooling
    • Size: 46x33x24 (L*D*H)m/m
  • USB Charger :
    • Supports USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2 (BC1.2 Charging Spec up to 1.5A)
    • Supports Apple® Device fast charging (up to 2.4A)
    • SupportsSamsung Galaxy Tab Devices charging (up to 2.1A)
    • SupportsChinese Telecommunications Industry Standard YD/T 1591-2009
    • Automatic charging detection circuit for Apple, Samsung, and BC compliant devices
  • Connect
    • Standard output based on 300mm input and output cable ( UL1007 18AWG)
    • Vin+ brown Vin- blue
    • Vout USB female
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