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4 port DC/DC Gigabit High-power PoE Injector, 10-60VDC Input, 90W/port Output, -40C~+50C, 802.3bt Compliant

Country of Origin:
  • Taiwan
Lead Time:
  • Days
Key Specifications/Special Features
  • INPUT :
    • Input Voltage: 10Vdc to 60Vdc
    • Input Current : 45.7A at 10Vdc @ F.L. / 18.1A at 24Vdc @ F.L. / 8.83A at 48Vdc @ F.L. / 7.2A at 60Vdc @ F.L.
    • Note: For input voltages ranging from 10-18V DC, a wire gauge of #12 AWG or higher is recommended.
  • OUTPUT : 
    • 4 port PoE Output
    • Output voltage:  56V /per port
    • Max load: 1.62A /per port
    • Power: 90W max /per port
    • Minimum load: 0.01A
    • Load regular percentage: 5%
    • Line regular percentage: 1%
    • Ripple percentage: 1%
    • Noise percentage: 1%
    • Total power: 360W (=90Wx4) 
    • Noise bandwidth is from DC to 20Mhz. Ripple & Noise is measured by Paralleling a 0.1uF metalize capacitor on the test point.  
  • Efficiency:  80% min 10V ~ 35V, 86%min 36V ~ 60V dc Input Voltage at Full Load 
  • Protection:
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Ooutput Short GND Terminal will not damage the Power Supply and will Auto-Reset. 
    • Input with Fuse Protection.
    • Over Current : 802.3bt Class 8 (96.6W)@All DC Input F.L 
    • Input polarity Reverse Protection----will not damage the Power Supply, NO work. 
    • Input Over low Voltage Protection : 8V ~ 9V Turn-off Input
    • Surge protection on data input ports
  • General description
    • Operating temperature: -40 to 50 degree Celsius
    • Storage temperature: -40 to 85 degree Celsius
    • Operating humidity: 5% - 90% non-condensing
    • Free air cooling
    • SIZE : 430*198*43 (L*W*H)m/m 
    • RJ-45 PoE input (data only) and RJ-45 PoE output (data and power)
    • RJ45 pin out assignment: (5000M)
  • Indicates:
    • Indicators (on front panel, output RJ45 )
    • Power ready: YELLOW on
    • 802.3bt output: GREEN on
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